Phase One - 2015/16

Removal and Treatment of Dry Rot in the North Aisle

Rebuilding the Steeple

Building Lavatory Facilities

We were awarded a grant of £250,000 from the English Heritage Lottery Fund to begin work on the church's restoration. This grant covered most of the basic structural work of the first stage of restoration; the removal and treatment of the extensive dry-rot in the north aisle, rebuilding of the church steeple, and the building of lavatory facilities.

Below is a video clip explaining the work to restore the turret and

pinnicle on the church tower which can be seen on the photograph of the church below.

Fr Ray, with Architects John Pritchard and Rebecca Mills,

blessing the Golden Cross on the tower that looks over Manchester city centre

at the Topping Out ceremony

Phase Two - 2019

Restoration the Great West Window with a new narrative scheme and new glass.

Restoration of the South Porch.

Please keep this ongoing restoration in your prayers.

The west window completed

A detail of the window

Phase Three - 2020

Installation of disabled access