The clerical members of the Oratory are there to assist the spiritual lives of the laity in various ways, as well as providing for general sacramental and pastoral needs.

Part of this work is through the celebration of the liturgy, which is the aspect most people encounter.

Another way is through simply being available in the and around the church, house and neighbourhood speak to all sorts of people about all sorts of things.

There are more specific ways in the Catholic faith of the city is built up, and these are the active ways in which the Oratorian Community exercises its work with lay people;

Times for silent prayer (especially after the evening Mass on weekdays and on Saturday evening)

Seasonal devotions

Talks and Reading groups (see the diary on the Home Page)

Regular Pilgrimages

Holy Hours with music and sermons (Musical Oratories, which are seasonal to reflect the themes of the Church's Calendar)

Brothers of the Little Oratory

This is open to men, and meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.15pm.

There is a spiritual reflection or reading, followed by a time meditation. Over tea and coffee the meaning of the text is drawn out, insights shared, ideas generated and all is given over to the Holy Spirit to fan into a flame.

It is a wonderful way to form the spiritual life, fellowship, and develop works of charity according to one's state of life.

Confraternity of Mary Sorrowing

This is open to women, with the principle works of praying for the dead, supporting the bereaved, and assisting at funerals.

There is a regular 1st Saturday Mass for its members, along with daily prayers and spiritual exercises.