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A view looking east across the Valley of the River Irk
The Manchester City Football Stadium is in the centre

The Angel Steps leading to Angel Meadow (note Pippo's tail leading the way)
In the meadow are thousands of burials, from the very poorest of the city, very many of them of children. 
These steps are so called because of a vision of angels seen here in the mid 19th century guarding the graves.

St Chad's in the late 19th century

Blackjack Brewery on Irk Street
(for tasting notes see Fr Ray)

Three Rivers Gin Distillery on Red Bank
Named after the three principle rivers of Manchester (Irwell, Medlock and Irk)
(for tasting notes see Br Gerard)


St Patrick waiting for the Irish Parade to go past the church

The Newman Shrine with the reliquary bust containing some of his hair

As there are no skeletal remains of Newman we were able to give a substantial amount of his hair for the ceremony of beatification. It had been kept by a lay-sister at the Selly Park convent in Birmingham, where he went to have  his hair cut. She placed it in an envelope and wrote on it 'Fr Newman's hair'. The packet was given to us by a local priest who had received from the convent, and we in turn gave it for the beatification. It is wonderful to think that this unknown lay sister whose job was to cut the clergy's hair is responsible for the relics we have.