If you wish to orgainise a funeral at St Chad's, or wish one of the clergy from here to perform the funeral rites elsewhere, please contact your Funeral Director.

It is highly recommended that the body of the deceased is brought to church for a Requiem Mass on the morning of the burial or cremation. The body may be brought to church the evening before, when a short service takes place, the rosary recited and confession are heard.

If the body is not to brought to the church for the funeral, then a Requiem Mass will be celebrated for the deceased as soon afterwards. Please try and come to this, where the parish community will be gathered to help you and deceased.

A priest will be very happy to come and bury ashes or bless a gravestone.

There is an annual Mass in November for all who been buried from our church in the past year.

To learn more about death and dying please visit this website   The Art of Dying Well