Oratory Church of St Chad

Cheetham Hill Road, 

Manchester, M8 8GG

Telephone 0161 834 4104

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We are happy to announce that we have been awarded a grant of £250,000 from the English Heritage Lottery Fund to begin work on the church's restoration. This grant will cover most of the basic structural work of the first stage of restoration; the removal and treatment of the extensive dry-rot, rebuilding of the church steeple, and the building of lavatory facilities.  We still have to raise another £60,000 to complete this first stage, so please be as generous as you can, and  also think about ways in which we can raise this money together.
Thank you for all your generosity so far.
May God bless you.

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When the first Catholic chapel was built in Manchester in the eighteenth century, the first for over 300 years, it was dedicated to St Chad. In having him as its patron the Catholic community in Manchester was keen to show that it was the same living family of faith that has existed here down through the centuries. Whatever the political and religious upheavals of the day, there has always been a group of Roman Catholics here stretching back to the time of the Roman garrison nearly 2,000 years ago. In the 7th century St Chad was the first bishop to preach, teach, govern and sanctify God's people in Manchester.

St Chad's popularity and influence has lived on, not only in the dedication of many ancient churches in the region, but also in the place names of Manchester that were associated with him. "So much did Chad endear himself to those whom he converted, that even to this day we find traces of his missionary labours in the numerous place-names in the Manchester district that have been given in honour of the Mercian Bishop. The valley of the Irk, along which he must have toiled repeatedly, is particularly rich in these name memorials. Chadderton is simply Chad's town, Chadkirk is Chad's church, Cheetham is Chad's dwelling-place, Cheetwood is Chad's wood, Chat Moss is Chad's moss, Cheadle is Chad's hill, Cheadle Hulme is the meadow by Chad's hill, and so forth" (from John O'Dea, 1910, The Story of the Old Faith in Manchester).

His kindly presence and his faithfulness to Christ and His Church won many souls to God in his day. We pray that his personal influence will still be found today as the Catholics of Manchester work to build the Kingdom of God; to hand on what has been given to us from our Fathers and Mothers in the Faith.

St Chad's, Cheetham Hill, Manchester



                8am Mass   (Confessions before Mass)
                11.30am Solemn Mass   (Confessions before Mass)
                4pm Vespers and Benediction
                4.45pm Mass in the Latin Extraordinary Form   (Confessions during & after Mass)

Monday - Friday
                7am Mass
                4.45pm-5.15pm Confessions
                5pm Rosary
                5.30pm Mass  
after evening Mass for 30 minutes  On Mondays - Devotions to St Philip and silent prayer with the Community.
after evening Mass for 30 minutes On Weekdays - The Community meet for silent prayer and devotions, which you are welcome to attend.
                                                                                    On Feast Days this is replaced by Sung Vespers

11am Mass
11.30am-12.30pm Confessions
7pm-8pm Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction

7pm-8pm Confessions


Wednesday 24th December - Christmas Eve
7am Mass
4.30pm-5.30 Confessions
NB: no 5.30pm Mass

11.30pm Carols
11.45pm Proclamation of the Christmas Martyrology and Blessing of the Crib
12 Midnight Solemn Mass

Thursday 25th December - Christmas Day
8am Low Mass
11.30am Solemn Mass
NB: no evening Mass

Friday 26th December
9.40am Confessions
10am Sung Mass

Saturday 27th December
11am Sung Mass
11.30-12.30 Confessions
NB: no evening devotions or confessions

Sunday 28th December
8am Low Mass
(confessions before Mass)

11.30am Solemn Mass
(confessions before Mass)

4pm Vespers and Benediction

4.45pm Low Mass (Latin Extraordinary Form)
(confessions during & after Mass)

Monday 29th December
9.40am Confessions
10am Sung Mass

Tuesday 30th December
9.40am Confessions
10am Sung Mass

Wednesday 31st December
9.40am Confessions
10am Solemn Mass and Te Deum

Thursday 1st January
9.40am Confessions
10am Litany of Our Lady and Solemn Mass

Friday 2nd January
9.40am Confessions
10am Sung Mass

Saturday 3rd January
normal timetable resumed


Pilgrimage to York

Saturday 24th January

please see Br Gerard for further details


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